Organization Amid What Seems Chaotic

It’s been a long time since I actually took the time to observe the environment in our pre-operative setting. This morning I had the opportunity to stand back and observe for a few minutes. At first the atmosphere appeared extremely busy and chaotic. Residents, PAs, surgeons, anesthesiologists, nurses, EKG techs, lab techs, IV specialists, family and visitors going every which way….what a chaotic scene for an observer looking in. The busyness can actually make one feel tired merely through observation (smile). As I observed more closely, I realized that each one of those individuals coming and going played an important and specific role in the pre-operative care and preparation of our patients. What at first appeared to be utter chaos, was in fact a well oiled machine in motion – positive team dynamics at its very best. 


Urology Mindset

The following is a quote  from a seasoned but tired urology nurse after a long hard day in the cystoscopy suite, “When I get home this evening, I’m definitely going to have a stiff one!”  (PING!……pin drop) Then total uproar…..was her face red!!!!!